Air With A Flair


How do I place an order?

The best way to place an order is by going to the Contact Us page and call the number on the page to talk to or leave a message for Whitney, she will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Who orders balloons?

The simple answer is that everyone does, form all ranges of age and gender, anyone with any special occasion in their life often looks to balloons to bring more joy and happiness into the atmosphere of the event.

What is the difference between a mylar and a latex balloon?

The difference would be the material the Mylar’s are more durable and normally carry some sort of shape, picture or design. They are made out of a Mylar nylon and normally coated with some sort of metallic finish. Latex balloons are made of latex and have more of a rubbery feel. We can guarantee high quality balloon of whatever kind you order.

How long do balloons last?

It depends on what kind of balloon, Mylar’s last longer then latex, and if kept in good condition and at room temperature can last for days. Latex balloons can also last for a few days but lose their luster with time. We are more then willing to come and supply replacement balloons if you have multiple day events that require balloons for the duration of the event.

If you have anyother questions please feel free to contact us at

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